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Well, okay, this site is pretty new but if there were frequently asked questions about this site, I suspect these would be some of them.
About Bernie
Who is Bernie Sanders?
Bernie Sanders is a Senator from Vermont. Nominally an independent not affiliated with any party, his views align most closely with the Senate's Democrats and he caucuses with them. He is currently campaigning for the nomination to be the Democratic candidate for President on the 2016 ballot.
Why is Bernie running for president?
All his life Bernie has fought for justice for the poor, the immigrant, the person of color and the working American. He perceives that today's America has the deck stacked in favor of the moneyed and powerful and against the middle and lower class, and as president he plans to implement policies aimed at improving the lives of the average American.
What is Bernie's platform?
Bernie has a 12 point agenda that he would like to see implemented in America:
  • Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastructure
  • Reversing Climate Change
  • Creating Worker Co-ops
  • Growing the Trade Union Movement
  • Raising the Minimum Wage
  • Pay Equity for Women Workers
  • Trade Policies that Benefit American Workers
  • Making College Affordable for All
  • Taking on Wall Street
  • Health Care as a Right for All
  • Protecting the Most Vulnerable Americans
  • Real Tax Reform

You can read more about his plan at his website or you can see a discussion of the issues at Feel the Bern, a community-driven website with pages about Sanders' positions on a number of issues.
But isn't it Hillary Clinton's turn to be president?
Here in America we don't have "turns" like we were out on the playground. American politics is supposed to be a marketplace of ideas, and the best ideas are supposed to win out. Unfortunately thanks to the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United, the deck has been stacked heavily in favor of the rich, the powerful, and the status quo. Is it any wonder that one of Bernie's signature causes is to repeal Citizens United and pass a Constitutional amendment removing money from politics?
Isn't Bernie Sanders a communist?
No. He is a democratic socialist,. which is very different.
But isn't socialism the same as communism?
Ask ten people what the word "socialist" means and you'll get 11 answers. Thirteen if any of them is an economist or political scientist. The Soviet Communists co-opted the term "socialist" for their brand of state-controlled centralized economy, so Americans often conflate the two ideas, but democratic socialism – the kind they practice in prosperous, peaceful countries like Norway and Denmark – is very different.
Isn't socialism un-American or anti-capitalist?
No, and I'm not here to argue the point. I would say leave behind worn-out labels that just serve to divide us, take a look at Bernie's positions and his record, and make up your own mind about whether a Sanders presidency would be good for America.
About This Site
Why did you do this site?
Because I can.
No, really, why'd you create this site?
Some people do traditional political tasks either by inclination, out of a sense of duty or because they think it's the right thing to do. They knock on doors, hand out leaflets, phone bank, register people to vote, throw house parties and generally do the business of retail politicking.
God bless 'em, but I'm not one of those people. I am very introverted, don't drive, don't get out a lot and am not even all that comfortable talking to people on the phone. I wouldn't do well shaking hands at a county fair or standing outside a Starbucks asking people to sign a petition.
But I am very, very good at making computers do what I want them to, and I figured that if I could put a web site together that would get the word out about Bernie and his message, it just might help get him elected and put America back on the right track. That's one of the interesting things about Bernie's campaign: people come out of the woodwork to do what needs to be done and to contribute in whatever way they can, because they believe in his message.
Who are you?
My name is Creede Lambard. I'm a devops engineer, Rails programmer and all-around computer generalist based in the Seattle area. This site isn't about me, though. I'm just the guy who wrote it.
What are some of the technical details of the site?
Glad you asked. It's based a Github project written by Andrew Callahan, but I've done some heavy modification both in the presentation and in the internals of how the site runs. It's written in Ruby on Rails and uses Ruby gems like twitter-bootstrap-rails, devise and sidekiq, and wkhtmltoimage to create the images in the "Trending Links" section.
Are you going to add more content to this site?
Why, yes. Yes, I probably will.

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